Leonard Compton

Essential Data
Name Leonard Compton Monster Penpal
Gender Male Birthday 11/04/2005
Parents Geoffrey & Imogen Compton Siblings None
XP Total 5 XP Spent 0
Subject Evaluation
Appearance Leonard takes strongly after his mother, being slim in build with pale skin, dark hair, deep brown eyes and a pointed nose. There are hints of his father’s more mature, angular features too, however. Sometimes he will wear glasses, particularly whilst reading (which he does a lot of).
Personality Posh is usually the first word that comes to mind, and Leonard seems to get a lot of stick from the other kids just due to the way he talks. Mannerisms aside, he is a thoughtful, mostly introverted character, though he has a definite ambitious streak to him, and always wants to perform his best. He keeps a level head when stressed or upset, not often letting his emotions show.
Favourite Thing Though he doesn’t write in it that often, Leonard always keeps a particular Moleskine notebook to hand. Whether it’s a diary or something else, he is very protective of its contents, and will not let anyone read it.
Good Deed At his old school, Leonard used to offer free tutoring to some of the younger kids, to help them with their studies.
Bad Deed When playing with Rufus, Leonard managed to break the grand piano – which had been passed down through the Compton family for a number of generations.

Performance Evaluation
(loc 1-2)
(loc 3-6)
(loc 7-8)
(loc 9)
(loc 10)

Ma and Pa (SHOCKED) 1 2 3 4 5
Caitlyn Mills 1 2 3 4 5
Rufus the Dog 1 2 3 4 5

Theme – √Čtude in E minor, Op. 25, No. 5 ‘’Wrong Note’’ – Chopin



Penpal in pen form

Appearance To Leonard, Penpal appears as a six-foot long, levitating squid, with a shiny, pen-nib body and a single, opalescent eye. To everyone else, this eldritch monstrosity bears some resemblance to a cephalopod, albeit far more alien. With no visible mouth, it usually communicates through gestures or, when appropriate, writing things down in pen form.
Personality Penpal is mysterious, as monsters go. It is quiet and impassive for the most part, but becomes quickly agitated and often violent when either itself or Leonard are threatened.
Favourite Thing Stargazing. Penpal will often slip out through the skylight in Leonard’s room on clear nights and watch the sky for hours at a time.
Way to Hide Penpal transforms into a fountain pen with a squid design. It writes in an iridescent, deep blue colour.
Thick, Rubbery Tentacles
loc 1-3
8D Attacks, Defends, Useful (Hold) Tough 2, Bounce 2, Spray
Wicked, Barbed Stingers
loc 4-6
8D Attacks, Defends, Useful (Stun) Wicked Fast 2, Gnarly 2, Spray
Tough, Metal Body
loc 7-9
8D Defends, Useful (Squirt Ink) Tough 3, Wicked Fast 3
Beady, Knowing Eye
loc 10
2D Useful (Bestow Cryptic Prophecies) Awesome 2, Sharing

What Penpal actually looks like

Theme – Twilight Coda – Steven Wilson


Leonard Compton

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